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Print edition:
IR Magazine Spring issue

  • Special focus: Shareholder activism
  • IR Magazine Awards coverage: Asia
  • Ad deadline: February 13

Video series*: Retail communications
Ebooks*: Corporate reporting essentials; small-cap IR basics
Podcast focus*: Trends in IR careers

Events and bonus distribution:
IR Magazine Awards – US


Print edition: IR Magazine Summer issue

  • Special report: Sustainability
  • IR Magazine Awards coverage: US and Canada
  • Ad deadline: May 7

Video series: Attendees and exhibitors at NIRI and CIRI conferences
Ebooks: Technology and IR; investor marketing 101
Podcast focus: Latest trends in print and online annual reports
Theme week*: Market intelligence and investor outreach

Events and bonus distribution: 
IR Magazine Think Tank – Euro Leaders
IR Magazine Awards – Europe
IR Magazine Awards – Brazil
NIRI Annual Conference (US)
CIRI Annual Conference (Canada)
IBRI Annual Conference (Brazil)


Print edition:
IR Magazine Fall issue

  • Special report: Corporate access
  • IR Magazine Awards coverage: Europe and Brazil
  • Ad deadline: August 7

Video series: Highlights from IR Magazine Think Tank panels
Ebooks: Career development; fine tune your IR skills
Podcast focus: Activism preparedness and response
Theme week: Leveraging the sell side
Research findings*: IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report

Events and bonus distribution:
IR Magazine Think Tanks in multiple locations across the US, Canada, UK and continental Europe


Print edition: IR Magazine Winter issue

  • Special report: Technology
  • IR Magazine Think Tank recaps
  • Ad deadline: November 5

Video series: Cutting-edge websites and social media
Ebooks: Surviving AGM season; how to measure IR performance
Podcast focus: Sustainability reporting
Theme week: Looking ahead to proxy season 2015
Research findings: IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report

Events and bonus distribution:
Global Investor Relations Forum
IR Magazine Awards & Conference – South East Asia
IR Magazine Awards & Conference – Greater China

Further information*
Video series: Focused web videos with unique content
Ebooks: Evergreen how-to guides released as downloadable PDFs
Podcast focus: Themed editions of our regular podcasts
Theme week: Five days of themed digital content (features, news, blogs, videos)
Research findings: Results and analysis from surveys by IR Insight, IR Magazine’s research arm

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Editorial and ad deadline calendar

Issue Ad deadline
Q1 February 13
Q2 May 7
Q3 August 7
Q4 November 5

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Tim Human
Editor and research director, IR Magazine
+44 20 8004 5342