Corporate Secretary is the essential business tool for marketing your products and services to a high-level audience of decision makers in the governance and compliance industry.


Corporate Secretary readers who are the key decision maker for purchasing size, GRC-related products and services


Readers who request special reports or white papers from service providers


Editorial relevancy for readers' sector and on a scale of 1 to 10

Circulation per month

Print magazine 13,014
Digital edition 5,265
E-newsletters 4,899

Web traffic

Average monthly unique visitors 7,647
Average monthly page views 18,460
Average time spent on site per visit 4:25 (mins:secs)

Digital engagement

Average e-newsletter open rate 18%
Average e-newsletter CTR 2%


Male 65%
Female 35%
Over 65 5%
35-65 81%
Under 35 14%
Actions taken with ads in Corporate Secretary magazine
Request white papers from service providers 45%
Use ads to find out about service providers 28%
Earmark/tear out ads to follow up on later 14%
Click on banner ads 13%
Market cap
Small cap 60%
Mid-cap 18%
Large cap 14%
Mega-cap 8%
Job Title
Corporate Secretary 36%
General counsel 21%
Compliance / governance officer 6%
Risk officer 2%
Other GRC title 35%
Business sector of readership
Financial services 34%
Business services (incl transport & logistics) 23%
TMT 13%
Consumer goods & services (incl leisure & travel) 9%
Energy & utilities 9%
Materials (incl chemicals) 6%
Industrials 2%
Pharmaceuticals, biotech & healthcare 2%



  • All data is based on average rates for combined twelve months of 2013
  • Based upon print run plus industry standard pass-along rate of 2.2

  • Source: 2013 Corporate Secretary magazine readership survey