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Corporate Secretary is published monthly and distributes both print and digital copies of each issue. The following editorial calendar serves as a guideline for when certain key topics will be discussed. Each published issue does contain a variety of topics and our editorial team welcomes suggestions on additional topics and views so that we may continue to provide the highest quality, relevant editorial to the GRC industry.

November 2014 - Special report: Director development & assessment

  • Director education opportunities

  • Board renewal

  • Onboarding challenges

  • Portraying directors in the proxy statement

  • Director recruitment issues

December 2014 - Special report: Executive compensation

  • Constructing the CD&A

  • Dialogue with shareholders

  • Say-on-pay

  • Regulatory developments

  • Working with HR and pay consultants

  • Coping with proxy voting advisers

January 2015 (Winter Issue)

  • Proxy: Look ahead at 2015 proxy season

  • Sustainability: Euro style in US boardrooms

  • Activism: Sampling the settlement menu

  • Regulation: What’s in law makers’ pipeline?

February 2015 (Special Report: Governance and shareholder engagement - joint effort with IR Magazine)

  • Identifying decision makers

  • Surveys, e-forums and other options

  • Adoption of new engagement protocols

  • Preparing board members for engagement

  • Annual shareholder meetings

March 2015 (Corporate Governance Awards Yearbook)

  • Profiles of and/or interviews with 2014 winners

  • Best practice case studies

  • Roundup of comments from judges

  • Report on 2014 Best Practices Symposium

  • Performance benchmarking guidelines

April 2014 (Spring Issue)

  • Managing the company’s intellectual property assets: governance considerations

  • Reputational risk management: what boards should be asking CEOs to report

  • Guest Editor Section: MasterCard’s former corporate secretary Bart Goldstein curates stories on:

1. Adding value by holding board meetings in offsite locations where directors have opportunities to interact with key customers & local policymakers

2. Practical tips for building out a governance program

May 2015 (Special Report: Anti-corruption enforcement)

  • Trans-jurisdictional cooperation: what companies should know about the extended reach of the law

  • Will the Supreme Court’s first hearing of an FCPA case be a game-changer?

  • Joint ventures: making a case for active due diligence & continuous monitoring

June 2015 (Summer Issue)

  • Organizational ombudsman: Building a culture of trust vs. a culture of compliance

  • How to strengthen the board’s commitment to succession planning

  • Top governance priorities for non-publicly listed companies

  • Canada Section: Impact on executive compensation of separating the CEO and chairman roles at Canadian companies

  • Timesavers’ guides to summer conferences: SCSGP, CSCS, SSA

July 2015 (Special Report: Cyber-security)

  • Cyber-crime crackdown: sharing information about threats with the FBI

  • How should the board evaluate a company’s cyber crisis management plan?

  • Tips for structuring companies’ cyber-risk insurance policies

  • Strategy: Minimizing companies’ vulnerability to disruptive technologies and global competitors

September 2015 (Special Report: Ethics & Compliance)

  • The independent chief compliance officer: What companies gain

  • Tone at the top: assessing CEOs’ efforts to model an ethical culture

  • What should the board’s annual checkup on the compliance function include?

October 2015 (Fall Issue)

  • Designing a CSR policy that supports your company’s strategic goals

  • Revisiting disclosures of political spending and lobbying activities

  • Key in-house partnerships that corporate secretaries should cultivate

  • The impact of revised proxy advisor policies on shareholder engagement

November 2015 (Special Report: Director Development)

  • New blood: shifting priorities with a new generation of directors

  • Most effective ways to onboard new directors

  • Impediments to honest director evaluations and tips to overcome them

December 2015 (Special Report: Executive Compensation)

  • A look at how companies think about executive incentives

  • Making a case for simplifying executive pay packages

  • Structuring Rule 10b5-1 plans in the absence of firm rules from the SEC

Features list may be subject to change 

Editorial and ad deadline calendar

Issue Editorial due Ad artwork due
Special Report: Director development & assessment (November) October 1 October 14
Special Report: Executive compensation (December) November 3 November 13
Corporate Secretary Winter Issue (January 2015) December 1 December 11
Special Report: Governance & shareholder engagement (February) January 2 January 15
Special Report: Corporate Governance Awards Yearbook (March) February 2 February 12
Corporate Secretary Spring Issue (April) March 2 March 11
Corporate Secretary Summer Issue (June) May 19 May 23
Special Report: Cyber-security (July) June 23 July 3
Special Report: Ethics & compliance (September) August 1 August 13
Corporate Secretary Fall Issue (October) September 1 September 12
Special Report: Director development (November) October 1 October 14
Special Report: Executive compensation (December) November 3 November 13

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